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Top Tips To Maximise Your Living Space

I don't know about you but we are glued to Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix.

With the popularity of Marie Kondo, people are re-organising the layout of their homes and applying her methods. We would also like to inspire you with our own top tips for maximising your living space, whether you want a living room to look bigger or you're lacking storage opportunities in the kids bedrooms - we've got you covered!

Multi functional furniture

Opting for multi-tasking furniture is the perfect solution when working with smaller spaces. Beds with built-in drawers to store spare bedding, pillows, pyjamas. Sofas with built-in compartments make for great storage space, for the kids toys or if you don't have to worry about that, magazines, books, or spare throws. The same idea can be applied to coffee tables or stools that have drawers or are empty inside with a lid. Nesting tables are an amazing option for that person who has the ladies round for tea or the lads over for the rugby. When more tables are needed to set down those cups of tea or beer bottles you simply slide the table them out and stack them again when you're done. They come in all shapes and sizes, you will be spoilt for choice, there's a nesting table for every interior theme.


Floor space

Working from home is becoming more and more popular but perhaps your desk is taking up too much floor space or you just don't fancy looking at your desk all the time when your not working. One solution could be a mounted wall desk, they can fold away, they take up less room and you can even have shelves installed above it for the ultimate work from home spot.

Less is more

When is comes furniture that is we think less is more. By using statement pieces of furniture that are both lovely to look at and practical maximises floor space and gives the illusion of minimalism. Big pieces of furniture that are practical allow you to have the appearance if being clutter free.


Using a mirror should be your first port of call when trying to maximising space. When it comes to mirrors, bigger is better as it creates a bigger illusion. For example, if you are updating a room where you'd usually entertain guests, i.e a living room, a large mirror would be ideal as it would create the illusion of more people and therefore boosting the atmosphere. Using a mirror that runs the length of the wall is a great way to maximise your space. Opting for a floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe will create a similar effect.


Have we inspired you by our tips?

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