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Top Tips On How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

While you might enjoy the sunshine from your comfortable air-conditioned office, it can be a different story at home. The house might be very warm and therefore make it difficult to sleep at night.

We decided to create a list of top tips on how to keep your home cool this summer.

1. Close the blinds

On a beautiful sunny day our first instinct is to open the curtains and let in the light. However, by doing that, you are transforming your home into a greenhouse. Therefore, keep the curtains or blinds closed throughout the day. Black out blinds would essentially be the best for keeping out the heat.


2. Use that hot water bottle

Forget the hot water bottle for the winter nights, they can be a real life saver in summer too. Fill with cold water and stick it in the freezer. Voilá your own homemade ice pack.

3. Freeze the sheets

Believe it or not we are talking literally. Try placing your sheets in the freezer for a couple of minutes before you’re about to go to bed. Side note: be sure you place your sheets in a plastic bag before you pop them in the freezer – you don’t want your bed to smell like that frozen lasagne you have in the freezer. Naturally it’s only a quick fix but it will help give you a breather from the heat.

4. No Silk Allowed

In the heat satin or silk sheets are a big no no. Opt for light coloured cotton sheets which will be a little cooler to sleep in.


5. Wet Sheets

Wet sheets can be very useful for keeping the house cool. For example, by hanging a wet sheet over or in front of a window, it will lower the temperate of the room.

6. No lights

Did you know that light bulbs give off heat - even the environmentally friendly light bulbs. Save yourself a bit of money on the energy bills whilst keeping the house cool by turning the lights off. The sun shines until the early evening anyway, so there’s no real need for light bulbs until it gets really late.

7. Turn off the tech

Just like light bulbs, electrical appliances radiate heat, this won't help when your trying to sleep. Unplug your phone and devices and don’t be tempted to charge them overnight unless you absolutely have to of course.

8. The ice fan

Now I'm not talking about a literal fan made of ice. But there’s a helpful trick you can use to make the house even cooler. Place a bowl of icy water in front of the fan. As the ice evaporates, it will make the air feel pleasantly cool.

9. Forget the hot dinner

Slaving over a hot stove can be warm enough on a cold evening but in the summer months it can be even worse. Try trading in the stove for a bit of al-fresco dining and enjoy a nice salad.

10. Avoid the steam

We all have to wash, especially in the heat. When showering, the evening would be the best best time as it is usually a bit cooler in temperature. Also ensure you use tepid water rather than hot. Steam causes humidity, so try cut down on the use of the washing machine and dishwasher too.

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