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Top Tips For Moving House This Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us again. Everyone is breaking out the decorations and decorating the house for Christmas. You are not!

You are packing up your house because you are moving house this month. Here at Lagan Homes we know that moving can be a stressful time, so we have decided to share with you some of our moving tips to make your move this December less daunting:


Just because you are moving in December doesn’t mean you have to forget all about feeling festive. Be sure to label your Christmas decoration packing boxes clearly. When you arrive at your new house ask the removal company to put the boxes labelled Christmas into a store room or utility room, allowing them to be accessed easily when you decide to decorate but also not in the way of all the commotion of moving furniture in etc.

Organisation Is Key

Be Mr or Miss Organisation this year and get ahead by buying and wrapping all your presents before you move. You could even ask a friend to store them for you. Even send your Christmas cards a bit earlier than usual and include your new address details.

Decorate Your New Home

Your house doesn't have to look like Santa's Grotto to get into the Christmas spirit. Focus on the main rooms that you will be spending most of your time in - the living room or the kitchen-diner. If decorating a tree is just too much, wrap fairy lights or a garland around the banister or put a wreath on the front door. All you need is a sprinkle of Christmas no need to get stressed. By decorating the new home with familiar decorations it will help the children adjust to their new surroundings quicker.

Christmas Scents

If decorations are just not on the cards this year why not make the house smell like Christmas. There’s nothing like the smell of Christmas to get you in the festive spirit. Potpourri that smells of mulled spices, oranges and cinnamon or even lighting some Christmassy smelling candles can create a warm, cosy, homely feeling.


Over the festive season shops can have unusual opening hours. Remember when you arrive at your new home you won’t have any food in stock and your nearest store may not be open. In which case, scout the area beforehand and get the number for the best local takeaway.

Meet The Neighbours

You’ve moved in and got some decorations up, it is the perfect excuse to go and meet your new neighbours. Call over with a box of mince pies or invite them over for some mulled wine; it would be a great way to learn about your new local area too ( they might have the number of the best takeaway 😉 )


Tell Santa

When visiting the post office to get your post redirected you can ask them to also tell Santa of your change of address. When moving with children there top priority will be to let Santa know.

Don’t forget what the season is all about; although the move can be challenging don’t miss out on the usual traditions your family do because the unpacking can wait!

If you are moving house or still haven't found a place where you can call home. Why not check our range of homes or drop us an email. You might just find it.

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